Business tips choosing a Taxi from Heathrow Airport

Picture this, you’ve just landed at one of the world’s busiest airports, it’s raining, you’re jet-lagged, and you still have the enormous task of searching for a Taxi from Heathrow airport to Central London. Not a good look, especially when travelling on business.

When travelling through London Heathrow Airport you have to keep in mind your travel route from the airport to your final destination. Your best option, for ultimate comfort and peace of mind, when travelling for business is to hire a PCO licence vehicle. Not only will you skip the queue when waiting for a taxi at arrivals, but you’ll be chauffeured all the way to your Central London Hotel

Things to consider when choosing a Taxi from Heathrow

1. You need to consider the number of passengers. The number of passengers traveling will help you determine which vehicle would be appropriate for your trip. You will also need to keep in mind the number of passengers needing to travel and the size of luggage per person.

Central London Eye
Central London Eye

2. Another factor you should consider is convenience. Choosing a Heathrow taxi that has the level of convenience that you desire is important. That is because sometimes you can never predict when you will arrive at your destination, especially around rush hour in London. Be sure to hire a taxi that has a proven track record of being reliable. That means your transport should not keep you waiting and should be ready upon your arrival.

3. Another important factor you should add to your list is the cost of hiring your ideal taxi. As you are travelling on business, an assumption is made the cost of private travel is less of an issue that if you were travelling for leisure. Nevertheless, make sure there are no hidden cost for the service and the driver accept Visa or MasterCard payments if you plan to pay by credit card.

4. Accreditation and licenses of the taxi company you are negotiating with are also a factor that you should consider. That is because not all taxi companies are authorized to provide these particular services. Therefore, it is best to check with the Public Carriage Office for the particular company you’re planning to travel with to ensure they are legit to travel with.

5. When choosing taxi services, it is advisable that you consider the experience level of the taxi company. You do not want an inexperienced chauffeur to meet you at arrivals or get lost while being driven to your desired destination. You can avoid such cases by hiring taxi services from an experienced taxi company.

To summarise

Renting a taxi to travel from the airport is most probably the best way to get from Heathrow airport if convince is high on your list and price is not an issue. Renting a cab or car once you arrive at the airport is a big gamble as the sheer number of people travelling through does not guarantee there to be a car or taxi available when you arrive. It’s best to be safe and hire one in advance to take all the guessing work out of travelling the next leg of your business journey.

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